Posted: August 4, 2012 in Newsletter

What sparked your interest in officiating?

My interest was sparked while working basketball camps for Christian Athlete Ministries. I had to officiate games in between coaching my team and really found that I enjoyed it.

How did you get into the sport?

It was very easy to get started. I contacted the Arizona Interscholastic Association, went to their classes and starting working high school basketball and football.

How long have you been reffing?

I have been refereeing  since 1996

What do you look for in prospective reffs?

I look for individuals who have good people skills and are coachable.

Tell us about the mental aspect of officiating? the level of intelligence involved…

To stay focused through a complete game can be a challenge especially when it is not a close game. That is when you have to reach deep to stay in the game, stick with all your pre-snap routines and remind yourself that that everyone deserves your best until the clock runs out. In terms of intelligence. Being book smart will help you with the rules but that is not the most important thing. You can get 100% on every officiating test you take and still not be the best official. It is more about how you communicate and demonstrating a confidence when you step on the field. Common sense can go a long way too!

What advice would you give young women looking to break into the field?

The advice that I would give to anyone that would like to get involved is to prepare yourself to be the very best you can be. You will never be able to control every situation. Focus on the things that you can: things like staying in shape, knowing the rules and  being in the right position on the field.

If you are a women, don’t be afraid of a sport like football. It can be alot of fun. You will meet people that will want to help you and see you be successful. Surround yourself with those type of people and work hard.

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