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Posted: August 3, 2012 in Newsletter

8/25/2011 REF PAY
The CAA will have a few schools that will be using ref pay this year. If you are already registered with ref pay, you are all set. If not please go to and register. Right now we do not have a list of which schools will be using it so do not be afraid to ask for payment when arriving at the school. If they say they are using ref pay then you will not get a check on the spot. If you have questions about ref pay then please go to their site and direct your questions to them. Also, there may be a school or two that will tell you you need to fill out a w-9 and they will mail your check. That is okay also. 90% of the schools will still be paying on the spot. Please understand, you will be responsible to contact the schools if you do not receive payment. Thank you!

Shannon Eastin
Director of Officials

Hello all. A couple changes to the flag rules that may not be updated yet posted.

Blocking – Open hand blocking only, no arm extension. Talk to players and remind them. Please don’t flag it everytime you see it.  If players get knocked down however, you will have to call it.

Eligible’s – Only the 3  players without flags are not eligible, everyone else is regardless of the formation.

Pass Interference
– If flag is pulled before ball arrives and pass is incomplete, the ball with be placed at the spot of the foul. If the pass is caught it is to be blown dead and 10 yards is to be tacked on. Thinking being the receiver could have gained yards after the catch.
That is all for now. Please make sure everyone has a copy of the flags rules with them at all times. Thank you!

8/19/2011 C.A.A. tackle games

We will not follow the AIA helmet rule.
However… referees and umpires,  please inform the coach before the game that if you see a helmet come off the same player a second time, you will ask him to go to the sideline and get it fixed.


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